Why Join the PGIA?

What keeps you up at night?

The printing industry has been through a rough decade. The number of print campaigns has steadily declined and people with decades of experience, have been laid off. Is it a shrinking market? A shift to online services? A lack of skilled workers? Or maybe you just need feedback from a colleague.

PGIA Membership Benefits

What’s eroding your bottom line?

Let’s face it, all of us in the printing and graphics industry are facing similar challenges. Recently I asked the owner of a small print shop how he was doing.
“Not good, not bad,” he replied. “I’m just keeping up.”
“Just keeping up” is an uncomfortable feeling that too often leaves you looking for solutions all by yourself.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Printing and Graphics Industry Association (PGIA) is Alberta’s number one knowledge network for the print community. We help our members connect with the right tools, education, expertise, vendors, resources and people.

When you know better, your business does better!

Nobody in our industry should be required to work in a vacuum. Our commitment is to be the go-to resource for graphic arts industry entrepreneurs who want to expand. We’ll help you find skilled workers, reliable suppliers, and new technology that will increase your bottom line.

Real stories about how critical information was received to help decision-making. Listen to this one:

“When I upgraded my printing equipment, I needed to make some HVAC improvements in my facility. A colleague gave me a brief tour to show me how he made similar improvements. The tour took a lot of guesswork out of the decisions that needed to be made.”

We host dinner meetings where you’ll pick up valuable industry information.

We all know online security is critical to our businesses. But do you know how to combat online security threats?

If you had attended one of our recent dinner meetings, you would know what a phishing attack is and how to avoid being a victim of one.

Do you know about how Canada Post helps graphic arts professionals save money on mail distribution by using highly-targeted demographic filtering?

Another recent PGIA event began with a tour of the Canada Post Mail Processing Plant followed by a highly informative presentation on Canada Post’s demographic mail targeting services. Who knew you could target mailings so precisely?

The PGIA is your window on the worldwide printing industry. Membership means you’re never working alone.  You’ll have access to tools, education, expertise, vendors, resources and people that will improve your business.

You’ll also receive these important benefits…

  • Members-only discounted pricing for all events like seminars, facility tours, and dinner meetings,
  • Social events like the annual golf tournament,
  • Membership in the Canadian Printing Industries Association, that shares best practices among regional associations.
  • As a printing company member, you have access to a comprehensive source of industry information and resources, to help you manage and grow your business,
  • Opportunities to network with industry peers at events throughout the year so you get to know others in the industry and develop long lasting mutual beneficial and cooperative relationships,
  • Sponsorship and presentation opportunities to present technological updates or industry best practices at PGIA events,
  • Links from the PGIA website to their own website to facilitate communication and help drive new business,
  • Members-only vendor discounts.

Thinking about joining won’t do anything for you. Take action, by joining the PGIA, and get INSTANT ACCESS to Alberta’s number one knowledge network for the print community and help you connect with the right tools, education, expertise, vendors, resources and people to improve your business. So, don’t delay. Join now.

An annual memberships start at only $225 for you to receive access to everything we have at the PGIA. Join now to receive full membership for the coming year. To join, call us at 403.560.1896 or download and complete the Membership Application Form on our website at https://pgia.ca/membership/.


We look forward to meeting you at our next PGIA event.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Valde,