Membership Benefits

The printing and graphics industries are made up of many businesses, large and small, each of which can benefit greatly through the exchange of information with other members including colleagues, competitors, vendors and suppliers.

When you join PGIA, your membership offers you the opportunity to network with your peers and participate in PGIA sponsored events including social meetings, plant tours, informational seminars, annual BBQ and golf tournament, and national and international conferences and conventions.

You may also contribute to the direction of the PGIA by being a participant at the committee or board level.




When you join PGIA you also become members of the Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA) which sponsors informational forums and webinars and acts as a voice for the industry across Canada. As the graphic arts industry continues to grow in complexity, printing and graphics related businesses are faced with an extremely challenging business environment which has a direct impact on their ability to grow profitably. To help ensure your business is well informed during these challenging times, your membership in the PGIA / CPIA will provide a strong forum for communication within the printing and graphics industry.


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