Membership Categories

PGIA Membership

PGIA Membership Categories

PGIA Membership is offered to companies or persons that have an interest in the graphic arts, printing or related industries and the PGIA offers several membership categories based upon the following criteria. 

Active Membership

Starting at $225 annually

An Active member is a printing or graphics related business involved in the manufacture of products. Membership cost is pro-rated based on the number of full time or full time equivalent employees in the member company. We have special reduced rates for companies with 10 or fewer employees. Contact Bain Spielman, Association Manager for additional information and to submit your application.

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Associate Membership (Supporting)

$925 + GST annually

An Associate member is a company that supplies materials, goods and/or services to to the graphic arts manufacturing industry.

Affiliate Membership

$925 + GST annually

An Affiliate member is a company, institution, government department, educational institution or agency related to or with an interest in the graphic arts manufacturing  industry.

Individual Membership

$225 + GST annually

An Individual member is a person or business (sole proprietor) related to or with an interest in the graphic arts manufacturing industry.

Student Membership

$25 + GST annually

A Student member is one that is enrolled full time in a post secondary institution with a course of study related to the graphic arts. Student members are offered a deeply discounted membership fee. The PGIA awards an annual scholarship/bursary to an Alberta student who shows skill, dedication and leadership in their course of study,  to help defray the rising cost of education.